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love solutions

Know the future perspective about lovers thoughts, feelings, emotions & intentions. PREDICTIONS HAPPENS.


Certified Tarot Reader,Powerful Remote Viewer *



Student of Metaphysics & soul coaching

*Genuine Psychic Medium channelling through Spirits

Issues to Deal:

Love,soulmate connection,marriage,cheating,divorce,sex and intimacy,career,finance,inner peace,self growth,self ,etc.

I always blend a combination of all my gifts (clairvoyance,clairaudience, psychic, empathy,tarot & pendullum,etc.) with my wide and different life experience. My reading style sometimes catches people offguard because it is more like a conversation, but they quickly realize what is happening.

I will not give you platitude and half answers.. I also will not tell you what you want to hear but will tell you what you need to hear. You will always find me thoughtful,direct, helpful and easy to communicate. In the end,I thank God for my psychic abilities and ask Him to give me compassion and wisdom

My gifts are spiritual guidance, psychic reading, and Clairvoynt and Tarot card reader. Let me help you find the answers you seek and the path you need to be on. Let’s work together to fulfill your dreams, to find your happiness. Let's explore those energies all around. My philosophy is that we are all given the gift of choice but sometimes we need help in focusing our minds on the right path have had several experiences with spirits and worked with my guides through mediation to communicate with them. I know what clients needs are the respected that accuracy, comfort and the satisfaction time frame to their question. Truth is on the way so don’t waste your time and money any more contact me and face it. No sugar coating. I can help you with love issues, connecting with loved ones that have passed on, career issues, reducing stress, learning how to meditate, connect with your guides, family concerns and core issues you may be dealing with. Love, comfort, joy, true love and true happiness can be a reality when meeting your soul mate. It is NOT an impossibility to find that one that holds the key to your true hearts desires and needs. I have been sought for my very gifted ability in this area and I'm truly an expert in soul mate connections. I've helped many and can help you to find your connection with your love mate, soul mate and karmic mate. If you feel you been waiting for true love far to long, or are anxious to meet your perfect counterpart, call today for a brighter tomorrow. Through Divine Love, Light and compassion, I am honored to be of assistance in guidance for you in the answers you seek.

Together we will get to the heart of the matters most important to you. I can connect to people in your life or that have crossed over but remain close to you. I do this by picking up their vibrations and obtaining information that is most relevant to your situation. As we begin our time together we will focus on your question then I will be shown influences surrounding you and will share what is given to me by my devinely appointed guides. I do not sugar-coat what is given to me. It does however take a few minutes to establish a strong connection with you. If you are not open and attempt to block me with your silence I can only sense what is around you. Opening is the key to any session! I will share with you all information that I am given and if asked we can discuss what you can do to change the outcome.
Your Reading

Your reading will cover all aspects of your situation, including detailed descriptions (names, initials, physical and locations), timelines, future actions and events, outcomes and advice. I give my readings in “storyline” format, to produce clarity and accuracy.

My recommendation, to get the most out of your reading, is to have at least 5 minutes in your account. Less then that, will not allow you to receive the full details you are seeking. When contacting me live, you will always receive free connections time before hire, ensuring a strong connection.

Repeat 5 star and 4 star rating clients, receive a special offers each month. Be sure to check the “allow expert to contact me” box at the end of each session, to receive these future offers.

Experience & Qualifications

Clairvoyant Skills

This ability allows me to “see” and “hear” information. With this skill, it allows me to receive detailed and specific information about a situation.

With this skill I am about to:

. Name and/or initials
. Timelines
. Descriptions
. Outcomes
. Actions
. Advice and best course of action

Empathic skills

This ability allows me to “feel” what is going with a person. I step in to some else’s shoes and take on all their emotions.

While in this state I am able to:
. Find out what someone is thinking but might not be saying
. Find out what someone is really feeling about you or a situation
. Find out what someone wants or doesn’t want
. Find out why they are holding back, or what they may be hiding
. Find out what they plan to do next and what their intentions are

Note: This works for both the person I am reading for and the person that they want to know about. If you are resistant to a reading or trying to find fault in what I am saying, it will cause a blockage. When contacting me, please be open to what information I am giving you, testing a psychic or giving wrong information will immediately cause a psychic to become confused and stressed, not allowing them to be fully open to accurate and important information you should know about.

Experience & Qualifications
I have of 20 years of experience to serve my community. I do not believe in claims but in actions. My clients include Famous Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, Executives, all walks of life. I believe everything happens for a reason as part of our life path (plan) including your search for answers and your search bringing you here.

I am here to help you in any way that I can. Insight is provided into life's most challenging situations. I will not only give your answers but I will give you solutions to your most troubling problems. I will make suggestions on ways to empower yourself! I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Soon I will start working towards a Doctor of Divinity (D.Div.) degree in Spiritual Counseling. I was born with the gift to help guide others, I have been helping people for over 20 years.I pick up on Emotions and Feelings of others and by using my abilities such as: clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience. I perceive information by a "feeling within my whole body" No matter if you need advice in: relationship issues, career advice, financial advice. I will answer your questions with integrity, humor and compass

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