Satisfaction Guarantee

Your initial chat and email communication with the every expert are TOTALLY FREE

Once you are convinced that the expert can provide the service and you agree to get the services of the expert then you can Deposit funds with as a security till the time you are fully satisfied with the service you have requested. Once you get service and you are satisfied then you can confirm the payment to the expert. Funds kept as deposit with destle are shown separately in My Bank and are transferred to expert only after your approval. “Pay to View” Email also give you chance to confirm the payment and in case of discrepancy you can refuse to pay.

Your deposit funds are kept securely with destle till you get service completely and you agree to confirm the invoice. In case of disputes where expert is not able to render his/her service you will be able to click the Contest Fee button and ask the expert for clarification. The expert is then expected to issue another invoice with clarification and complete answer. Even after that if you find the service unsatisfactory or you find that that reissue of invoice is inappropriate according to the service you received, you will be able to refuse transfer of payment to expert and ask expert to issue a refund.

In case where discrepancies are there destle directly intervene in the matter and after verifications funds are reallocated and added in your Transactions.

This above also apply in deposits done while you are in LIVE sessions (where communication is via chat). When starting a live chat session initial communication is free, and you can evaluate the expert and get a first impression. Here Expert has the control of his online chat rate and you can negotiate online charge fee. Only when you feel satisfied only then you can click on pay/per min button.. You can quit anytime by clicking the Quit session button.