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Rustam E Hind

Marital Life have to be perfect for you progress and good health. I am a Professional Counselor for Love, Relationships, Family Issues, Marriage, Divorce and Cheating.

Licensed P H D & master’s degree in psychology master psychic. I will See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Smell and make you experience the experience which you have never had before in Life. Clairvoyant, Clairvoyance, Intuitive-Empathic Reader. My Healing are to Help Bring Balance in to Your Life and in Relationships.

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You are very lucky that you have found me.


Here is how I will help you: I will see and feel thoughts, intentions, and emotions. I will read you or anyone in your life. I connect to you before I start on interpretation. I see Present, Past and Future aspects of peoples lives that is meant specifically for guidance. I specialize in Relationships, Careers and Health. I target spots of the body then project energy from my eyes directly. I have HEALED many people online (distant healing) and I also give healings in person. I connect people who have passed away and tell you there emotions.


I give Interpretations to help with insight on hidden or true messages. Traumatic events in my life have ENHANCED my psychic gifts, giving me the ability to help others with AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE. Everyone has gifts and the power to make the free will choices of everyday life. I can help you with REAL INSIGHT to truly help you in your path! Love and Light!



I have 35 years experience as a Psychic and same in doing healing. I use Empathic abilities to see and feel others stress, disorders, injuries, and health problems.


Now is your chance to get answers and advice that will make a positive difference in your life! I’ll give you names, dates, details, time frames and feelings that surround your situation.


 Note: Please remember to rate each session you have with me. A short comment will be appreciated. No nee to describe the contents of readings.

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User11112271511112 12/3/2017 6:50:03 AM the worst one here...Tells u to hire and tells u nothing
User11112271511112 12/3/2017 6:48:57 AM dont go to this one
user112355 6/13/2017 4:42:13 AM
User44425506144425 2/24/2017 12:54:14 AM
User44425506144425 2/11/2017 6:36:50 AM excellent
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