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Mystic Sikh

Authentic Aura Readings from Mystic Sikh - Aura Reveals Your Physical, Emotional & Spiritual state. What Does Your Say?

I hold Master and Aacharya degrees in Occult, Psychic readings and astrological predictions from Government of India I am practicing my abilities and talents since the last 22 years. I have more than 50,000 professional psychic readings to my credit. I combine Vedic and Western astrology to provide you optimum satisfaction. I am loaded with all the necessary authorization certificates to practice astrology.

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Specialist in astrological forecasts through instant horoscope charts. I specialize in matching relationships through Western and Indian astrological methods. You will find peace of mind, body, soul, and you will find the deep emotional love from me through my predictions. I am a famous astrologer who is doing practice as a psychic readings, astrology interpretations and numerology reports. No tarot reading. Find out what the present and future hold for you in love, money, career, family and other personal relationships!


I use my psychic gifts to support you in your relationships and life directions. Relationships are one of the most difficult things to get right, as there are so many factors, which can move things this way and that way. With my psychic insights I will reveal what is going and where the situation is really heading and all other Facts.


You can come to me on certain issue ….




• You are having feelings for someone but are unsure of the feeling of the other, I will tell you about the intentions and the true potential of the relationship.


• You are caring deeply have been cut off emotionally and is not getting on communication, and then I will see to the situation and if possible make to reconnect.


• You are involved with someone who is married; I bring to light on to what intentions are and what will really happen on seeing.


• You are not in a relationship and feel like something is blocking you or holding you back, I will SEE on to your case and suggest you accordingly.


• With my psychic ability I will see beyond the obvious into the hidden realms where all possibilities emerge. When you have a reading I will give you all the details, insights and knowledge you require.




 I am a professional astrologer, a psychic and a clairvoyant with many years of practice and experience. I have some more than 50,000 professional psychic readings to my credit. All I need is your name, date and place of birth. You can provide time of birth if possible. I will then draw detailed Astral charts with degrees of planets and time frames so that I can answer all your questions and lead you as a good guide to tell you what your hopes and wishes, worries and concerns can be solved the astrological way. I use the Western as well as Vedic methods of astrology for interpretations.


I have been involved in organizing, running and promoting Sikh camps all over the world and being able to speak well in both English and Punjabi, has allowed me to connect to people from all backgrounds and more.


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