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Psychic Reader Kiran
Career Forecasts
Reviews(186) $1.99/Min
I show the right direction and give you proper guidance through which you can achieve your career goal.
Suraksha Kavach
Reviews(119) $1.99/Min
I give you protection for life. My protection works amazingly leaving you nice and happy. I am very powerful.
Psychic Advisor
Marital Life
Reviews(0) $1.99/Min
Let me help to give you the answers you are so searching for on love- relationships - marriage -
Relationship Repair
Reviews(172) $1.99/Min
I can bring clarity to your unique situation and give you the spiritual guidance you need to make an informed decision.
Punjabi Psychic
Reviews(3) $1.99/Min
I am a very powerful psychic who is always caring for my clients I am very responsive and a very quick typer.
Love bringer kamran
Dream Symbols Interpretation
Reviews(0) $1.99/Min
Discover the hidden messages in your dreams! Dream Interpretation requires an Expert in Symbols. Let me help you unlock the mysteries of your Subconscious Dream Mind!
Rameshwar Parsad
Psychic Medium
Reviews(209) $2.99/Min
A person who channels the exchange of information regarding the problems and questions of the clients to the spirits, angels or guides.
Mystic Carol Smith
Soulmate Reading
Reviews(191) $1.10/Min
I can read you your soul mate and tell you what they are feeling about you, what they think about you.
Psychic Mind Spirit
Spell Casting
Reviews(201) $1.99/Min
If you want your desires to come true or even dreams my spells can work and bring happiness to your door,
Love Psychic Anne
Parents And Children
Reviews(187) $2.00/Min
having problems with your child or a parent then call me i can help fix this situation.
Breakup and Divorce
Reviews(125) $1.99/Min
Clarity and details in matters of the Heart. All aspects of your Path,Gifted Psychic Astrological Advisor with Insight.
Psychic Jasmine
Spell Removing
Reviews(0) $1.99/Min
Over 20 years experience removing spells and breaking a chain of bad luck
UK Psychics
Reviews(0) $2.99/Min
I am a born Psychic, known for my powerfull Meditations, Healing, Therapies, Psychic Readings and counselings.
Cheating And Affairs
Reviews(0) $1.99/Min
is your partner cheating i can help read the signs and help you see if you have a problem
Romance Booster
Reviews(212) $1.99/Min
I can boost your romance and make your romance happiness come back. I can look deeply in your situation.
Mike from Japan
Spell Removing
Reviews(205) $1.98/Min
If you are suffering from a spell, then call me now... As I can immediately remove the spells from your life.
Past Life Roster
Reviews(42) $1.99/Min
I have helped many people look into their past lives and find the connections and answers to help guide them through today. Contact me now.
Psychic Angie
Eastern Philosophy
Reviews(0) $2.99/Min
94% accuracy. Clairvoyant/Empath/Intuitive, Fast typist, 27 years experiencein eastern philosophy. Please be prepared for the truth. Surprise yourself with my predictions

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